Continental Meeting ‘E52 E-Fest’ – June 8-9 2013 – Report

Kindly sponsored by
J.D Classics and
SNG Barratt Group

by Peter Behnisch

1Not having been on one before,  and having the chance to join the first Club meeting ever on the continent, it was an easy decision to come to Luxembourg. When news went out, it soon spread among Club members here in Germany, and several announced their participation so we planned to start on Friday, take a scenic drive to Echternach and then enjoy the event together. Unfortunately the members live so far apart, and were coming from different regions, so we were just two cars cruising down the river Mosel, taking some pics  and reaching Echternach in the late afternoon, just in time to prepare for the dinner at the splendid Bel-Air Hotel.

After this incident we enjoyed an exquisite meal with all the others, had nice talks at our table with a couple from Switzerland and a father-and-son-team. And Julie Porter explained very vividly what lay ahead, with regards to the whole event, and put great emphasis on “the rule of the helmet”. A very, very special competition about who tried to cheat, had the best mishaps or survived the most embarrassing situation during the drive planned for Saturday. “Whistleblowing” in a different context, and still remember the statement that the judges are going to be completely partial and open to bribes…

2After a relaxing night in our little hotel in Mullerthal, Le Cigalon, I can recommend for its cuisine as well as for its hospitality, we made our way to the Abbey, where the Saturday drive was about to start. That was a traffic jam! So many Jaguars blocking the parking lot and the abbey’s beautiful patio, what a view. Soon we went off to our tour that can only be described with one word, perfect. All was organized so well, the roadbook was great, the roads we had to take a sheer dream, small, IMG_8308winding up and down and in best condition. Nice stops at an old saw mill, where we had lunch, at a local Jaguar garage and finally that wonderful private collection. The property, the garage and of course the cars in it are just gorgeous. Great hospitality and friendly supporters all along the trip, made it just a pleasure. Luxemburg, and especially this part, has such a nice and scenic landscape, I will definitely come back.

A great thunderstorm with heavy rain, on the way back to the hotel, was a major test for my car’s ability to keep water out, and I have to admit, it failed. It needed a nice amount of towels to get the most of it out, but took me three days back home to really dry it completely.

Sunday started again with thunder and rain, but that could not stop us gathering again at the abbey grounds. Again a marvellous sight to see so many Jaguars coming together. The sponsors had interesting products on display, especially for us car-aficionados and some contests were going on. One was the “ladies’ choice” of the E-types present, and fortune was on my side, as the lady judges had chosen my car! Now my registration, BB-G1 H, has a new meaniIMG_8404ng, Girls’ number 1!

But the little town and the abbey had even more to offer, and on a guided walk we learned something about Luxembourg’s past and present times. The old basilica and the little town’s roads and houses were a welcome addition to the cars displayed. Despite being an E-type guy, I have to admit, that some of those XK ancestors were very appealing to me. Even more floating lines, more exhaust grunt and with the XK 120 FHC even some of Bugatti’s looks, but let’s postpone this discussion, maybe my wife is going to read this…

So to sum it up, great job by all who organised it, many thanks for that, great hospitality, nice landscape, what more can you ask for in a weekend! Hopefully one day the Club will return to the continent, because joining a meeting in the UK for a weekend is just a touch too much for us over here.

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