E Low Rider

Q – Are there any tricks for raising the exhaust on a SI 3.8 FHC to givee more ground clearance? I have just found out the hard way, damaging the silencer which caught on the central stay of an electric gate, disconnecting one of the front pipes and breaking a rubber bush in the process (the car now sounds like a lawnmower!).  The exhaust has before now scraped on sleeping policemen from time to time.  Robert Moir, UK

A – Apart from fitting a modified system, there is no way that we know of to raise the exhaust silencers on a Series I E-type.  The silencers are already oval in section, and mounted quite close to the underside of the car.  It would be worth checking to see that the system is fitted correctly, as it should sit close and level with the floorplan without straining the mountings.  The exhaust clamps should not face down as they can also get caught on low ground.

The problem of ground clearance may be due to the car sitting low on its suspension, especially at the front end.  It is quite common to see E-types that have settled in this way.  Viewing the car from the side, parked on level ground the distance from the sill to the ground should be the same at both ends.  The front of the car can bee raised by resetting the torsion bars, which also increases the ground clearance where the silencers are fitted.  If when the car is level it is still too low, it my be necessary to replace the rear coil springs and then readjust the car to the factory height settings.

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