E-type is Car of the Future: Official!

Jaguar E-type, Car of the FutureThanks to Stefan Jacobs for alerting us to an incredible E-type success last year that had somehow eluded us: did the Green lobby suppress the news?!

On the RAC’s Brighton to London Future Car Challenge in November, immediately preceding the London-Brighton Veteran Car Run, an impressive array of state-of-the-art electric vehicles lined up, fielded by major manufacturers such as VW and BMW Mini and big players in the electricity industry. There were electric Smarts, Nissan Leafs, Mini-Es, Teslas, VW Lupos…and a Jaguar E-type.

The E-type was entered by German wind generator specialists Windreich and was no backyard special: it was built to the highest standards with a lightweight body and, taking full advantage of the car’s low drag coefficient, it achieved an incredible result: it beat all but two of the modern designs, to finish third overall just behind an electric Smart fortwo and the clear winner, Gordon Murray’s impressive T.27. Energy consumption for Murray’s machine was 7.0kWh, the Smart 8.3 and the E-type 8.5: next up was a VW Golf with 10.1, underlining the E-type’s hugely impressive performance, a clear winner of ‘Most Energy Efficient Sports Car’. We hope to have the full story of this remarkable E-type soon.

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