The Iconic Jaguar XK – A Celebration of 120s, 140s & 150s

Iconic Jaguar XK coverThe Iconic Jaguar XK – A Celebration of 120s, 140s & 150s’ to coincide with the XK65 celebrations this year.

  • A fascinating tribute to the Jaguar XK at 65
  • Packed full of material for the XK owner and enthusiast.
  • The XK Adventurers – the truly amazing XK feats of Phillip & Yvonne Haslam, Paul & Mary Kane and Neil & Olivia Donnan.
  • 15 articles by Philip Porter
  • Rallying XKs, Racing XKs, XK Specials, C-types, D-types…
  • XK50 and XK60 in detail
  • Stunning XK photography
  • LA selection of splendid XK cartoons by Alan Fearnley
  • XK Facts & Figures – did you know how rare XKs are?
  • Features on SNG Barratt and J.D Classics
  • Ian Callum on Jaguar styling
  • Fabulous unseen atmospheric photos from the archives
  • The XK in Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Singapore

“I believe we have a number of fascinating features from our various writers and photographers, and I salute them all for their kind support and superb material.

What inspires long-term XK ownership and enthusiasm?  Surely, there can only be one answer: the cars themselves.  Encouraged by others and feeling there was a need for a dedicated XK Club (after the unfortunate demise of the original XK Club back in the ’70s), my wife Julie and I took the plunge and launched such a club in 1997, just in time for the 50th Anniversary a year later.  We had absolutely no idea if it would work or be vaguely viable.  To our amazement, we had created a monster which would rather dominate our lives from thereon!

Some 10 years later, we were celebrating the next major anniversary with our own XK60 event at Goodwood. Now, in 2013, the venerable XK 120 has reached another milestone with its 65th.

Between these covers, we have tried to present a very varied mix of features based around 120s, 140s and 150s, not forgetting the C-types and D-types which the factory always termed the XK 120C and XK 120D (or occasionally XK 140D).  A few of the articles are reprinted from the early issues of the XK Gazette, the XK Club magazine, but are now in colour (not practical 16 years ago), expanded, redesigned and, mainly, updated.

Let’s not be bashful: XKs are great cars.  They achieved so much in period, and continue to achieve so much – witness the three XK Adventurers who have written up their amazing exploits here.  Could there be a better advertisement for a classic sports car, a better testimonial to their greatness?

I hope very much you will enjoy the many varied features that make up this sheer, unadulterated, unambiguous, pure celebration of the XKs that is no mere flirtation but a full-blooded love affair with our stimulating, rewarding and beguiling mistresses!”

For further information on this book or to purchase please visit Porter Press International.

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