Issue 11, October 2005

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Unfortunately the digital magazine does not go back as far as this issue. If you would like to order a hard copy back issue of this magazine please contact Luke Robinson and he can arrange for a copy to be sent to you . The cost of back issues vary depending on quantity and stock numbers.


Issue 11, October 2005Page 4 – Inaugural E-type Club Day
Page 10 – Oscars Evening
Page 14 – Life with an E-type – 2
Page 16 – Racing at Chimay
Page 18 – From Queensland with love
Page 20 – A Kind of Loving – 7


Page 3 – E-thos
Page 8 – XKE-mail
Page 22 – E-clips
Page 26 – Practical E-type
Page 30 – E-mail
Page 32 – E-vents
Page 33 – Classified Ads
Page 34 – Barratt Banter

Front Cover: With Hilltop, nestling in the background, the E-types gathered in the damson orchard from far and wide for the inaugral E-type Club Day. Coverage of the event commences on page 4.

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