Issue 23, October 2006

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E-type Magazine Issue 23Page 4 – Le Mans Classic
Page 8 – E-type Triumph at Goodwood
Page 12 – Meet ‘n’ Greet in Monterey
Page 24 – Kind of Loving – Part 17

Page 14 – Inside Story
Page 16 – Turvey’s Technical Topics
Page 20 – McNabb Report
Page 28 – E-mail
Page 30 – E-clips
Page 33 – ‘E’ Q&A
Page 33 – Discounts
Page 33 – Classified Ads
Page 36 – E-vents
Page 36 – Representatives
Page 38 – Barratt Banter

Front Cover: In spite of five of the six E-types entered in the TT recreation at Goodwood having problems of one sort or another, this Lightweith, driven superbly by Julian Barazi and Michael Vergers, won the prestigious event.

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