Issue 3, February 2005

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E-type Magazine Issue 3FEATURES

Page 4 – The First Cut 7
Page 8 – The Australian Mr Ed
Page 10 – Michael Turner, Part 2
Page 13 – eBay for an E-type
Page 14 – Come Tour With Me
Page 18 – Parallel Pedestals
Page 24 – Advanced Lightweight Coupe
Page 24 – Jaguar Invitation
Page 32 – The E-type CD-Rom


Page 3 – E-thos
Page 16 – Eagle Eye
Page 22 – Porter’s Potterings
Page 20 – XKE-mail from America
Page 25 – Price Guide
Page 25 – E-commerce
Page 26 – E-clips
Page 26 – Representatives
Page 27 – Members’ Discounts
Page 28 – E-mail
Page 33 – E-vents
Page 33 – Classified Ads
Page 34 – Barratt Banter

Front Cover: A ‘study in steering wheels’ by Ron Avery. Ron has given us access to his, and his fathers, extensive archives which is terrific.

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