Issue 38, January 2008

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Issue 38 of the E-type Magazine, January 2008 Page 4 – E-type Photo Art, by Bill Rooklidge
Page 11 – Home Restoration Hints, by Tim Griffin
Page 15 – Competition E in Australia
Page 19 – E-type Rebuild, A Kind of Loving Part 31
Page 23 – Queensland E-type Run, by John Caruana
Page 25 – Hillclimbing Down Under, by Ian Waller
Page 27 – Dick Auchinlech’s E-type, by Paul McNabb

Page 8 – E-type Q&A, by K&N Classic Cars
Page 11 – CMC Column
Page 27 – USA Report, by Paul McNabb
Page 31 – E-mail
Page 32 – E-clips News Snippets
Page 32 – New Members
Page 32 – Discounts for Club Members
Page 32 – Classified Advertisements
Page 33 – E-type Club Representatives
Page 35 – E-type E-vents

Front cover: ‘Lightweight Reflection’ – Automotive fine artist Breck Rothage’s interpretation of the lightweight E-type of Santa Ana, California’s Greg Johnson.

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