Issue 63, February 2010

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Unfortunately the digital magazine does not go back as far as this issue. If you would like to order a hard copy back issue of this magazine please contact Louise Gibbs and she can arrange for a copy to be sent to you. The cost of back issues vary depending on quantity and stock numbers.

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E-type Magazine Issue 63Page 4 – E-type Servicing, A Kind of Loving Part 56
Page 8 – Es et al at Pebble Beach, by Paul McNabb
Page 12 – V12 Automobilia, Part 10a, by Philippe Picavet
Page 19 – Woodward Cruise USA, by John Cooper
Page 23 – Cherry Ripe Chatter 24, by Nick Jacques
Page 27 – Continental E-Touring, by Brian Green
Page 31 – Retrimming Seats, by Tom Hampton, CMC

Page 8 – N America Report, by Paul McNabb
Page 16 – E-type Q&A, by K&N Classic Cars
Page 23 – Australian E-type Report, by Nick Jacques
Page 31 – CMC Column
Page 34 – E-mail
Page 37 – E-clips News Snippets
Page 37 – New Members
Page 37 – Discounts for Club Members
Page 39 – Classified Advertisements
Page 40 – Club Representatives’ News and E-vents
Page 40 – Club Representatives List
Page 43 – E-type Club Shop
Page 44 – E-type E-vents
Page 46 – Barratt Banter, by Julian Barratt


Front Cover: Dramatic view of the Lindner Nocker Lightweight Low Drag Coupe. This is actually the replacement shell that was used when the car was rebuilt some years ago. CMC are, of course, now restoring the original body. (Photo: Abigail Humphries)

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