Issue 67, June 2010

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E-type Magazine Issue 67Page 4 – Classic Cars’ Editor Buys E, by Phil Bell
Page 8 – ‘The Queen’s English’, by Paul McNabb
Page 12 – Es Explore Argentina 3, by Jan Nixon
Page 16 – V12 Automobilla Part 13, by Philippe Picavet
Page 20 – Es Racing at Snetterton, by Roger Gage
Page 25 – Cherry Ripe Chatter 28, by Nick Jacques
Page 29 – Triple Weber Set-up, by Mike Cassidy

Page 8 – N America Report, by Paul McNabb
Page 23 – E-type Q&A, by K&N Classic Cars
Page 25 – Australian E-type Report, by Nick Jacques
Page 33 – E-mail
Page 35 – E-clips News Snippets
Page 35 – New Members
Page 35 – Discounts for Club Members
Page 37 – Classified Advertisements
Page 38 – Club Representatives’ News and E-vents
Page 39 – Club Representatives List
Page 41 – E-type Club Shop
Page 43 – E-type E-vents
Page 46 – Barratt Banter, by Julian Barratt


Front Cover:  Chris Rooke’s E-type in action: the car we’ve all followed through its comprehensive restoration is now the subject of a stunning new book from Porter Press: see p22 (photo: Abigail Humphries)

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