Issue 98 of the E-type Magazine

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If you are a Club member please click here to view this edition of the E-type Magazine in digital format. If you have misplaced the password to access the Members’ Area please contact Louise Gibbs at .


Page 4 – Race E Rebuild at IDL Pt2, by Gordon Russell

Page 11 – SI Coupe Concours Restoration, by Paul McNabb

Page 19 – E-fest Luxembourg Countdown, by Philip Porter

Page 21 – V12 E-Rebuild 22, by Simon Stanton Yeomans

Page 27 – Model Es: Exclusive Es 8, by Jorge Fesch

Page 28 – Kelsey Hayes Servo Rebuild 4, by Mike Cassidy

Page 35 – Cylinder Head Overhaul 5, by Chris Rooke



Page 11 – N America E-type Report, by Paul McNabb

Page 16 – E-mail

Page 26 – Club Shop

Page 38 – E-clips News Snippets

Page 39 – New Members

Page 41 – Discounts for Club Members

Page 41 – Classified Advertisements

Page 42 – Club Representatives’ New & Events

Page 42 – Club Representatives List

Page 45 – E-type E-vents

Page 50 – Barratt Banter, by Julian Barratt

Front cover: After owning a restored OTS for a number of years, Martin Brauns set about restoring his dream SI 4.2 FHC to concours standard, ably assisted by Images Auto Body in California: see p11. Photo by Martin Brauns


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