Issue 99 of the E-type Magazine

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If you are a Club member please click here to view this edition of the E-type Magazine in digital format. If you have misplaced the password to access the Members’ Area please contact Louise Gibbs at .

Page 4– SI 4.2 OTS Concours Restoration, by Paul McNabb

Page 10 – XK Engine Oil Leaks, by Rod Shears 10

Page 14 – Another One Saved, Part 2, by Nigel Roberts

Page 19 – E-fest Luxembourg Countdown, by Philip Porter

Page 20 – V12 E-Rebuild 23, by Simon Stanton Yeomans

Page 27 – Model Es: Incredible Es 1, by Jorge Fesch

Page 29 – Cylinder Head Overhaul 6, by Chris Rooke


Page 11– N America E-type Report, by Paul McNabb

Page 24 – E-mail

Page 26 – Club Shop

Page 34 – E-clips News Snippets

Page 34 – New Members

Page 37 – Discounts for Club Members

Page 37 – Classified Advertisements

Page 42 – Club Representatives’ News and Events

Page 43 – Club Representatives List

Page 41 – E-type E-vents

Page 46 – Barratt Banter, by Julian Barratt

Front cover: After seeing, falling in love with and buying an S3 OTS, Dave Dossetter soon wanted an SI too. This low mileage original car was restored for him by Images Auto Body in California: see p4. Photo by Paul McNabb


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