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October 2017 E-type Club News


Club Weekend, Worcestershire 2 – 4 Jun – See a selection of photos from our E-type & XK Club Weekend.




XK70 Jaguar Festival


XK70 Jaguar Festival – Saturday 9 – Sunday 10 June, 2018

Two-day festival at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, Worcs

  • Hillclimb competition and a chance to drive the hill
  • Historic car displays, specialists, music, competitions

Such a lot to look forward to for what will be the biggest Jaguar Festival next year. All XK-engined cars will be very welcome – including E-types, of course! Plans are well advanced and you will see regular updates in each The E-type magazine during the coming year. The Weekend at the home of the Midlands Automobile Club will have a period feel and will be buzzing with all things Jaguar.

E-types in the News

Jaguar E-Zero

Externally, the Concept Zero retains the iconic lines of the original classic sports car. But under the bonnet it is a very different story. Gone is the XK engine, and in its place is a 295bhp electric motor and battery. And what a battery – with the capacity to give a 170-mile “real-world” range.

Inevitably referred to as Project Marmite in its early stages, the E-Zero was dreamed up by Tim Hannig, JLR Classic’s chief. Hannig is well aware that an E-type powered by electricity was always going to cause shockwaves, and might leave purists reeling, but he sees no incompatibility in having a love – and a collection – of old classics himself, whilst keeping one eye firmly on the future.

Indeed Hannig has coined the motto ‘We future history’ for JLR’s newest division. He believes it is important for JLR to look to a time when zero-emissions zones are commonplace, and to the buyers of the future who may well hanker for classic motoring, but “without the oil leaks”.

Restoration of E-type at CMC

Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth is to restore one of the first 500 E-types produced by Jaguar after chassis 875256 was found in pieces in France. David Barzilay, Chairman of CMC, said: “Chassis 875256 is literally in boxes in our workshops awaiting a much-needed nut-and-bolt restoration. We are currently delving through the car’s history files to find out more about its life. “These early E-types are sought after by collectors and investors alike, and the fact that they keep on resurfacing after years in the dark is still amazing.” It is one of the very early left-hand-drive, open two-seater,
outside bonnet-lock models, and retains its matching-numbers status. It was delivered new to the Belgium Motor Company dealership in Brussels in July 1961 and was subsequently sold to ‘Societe de Civel Immeubles en Afrique.’ The flat-floor example resurfaced in France in 2015 and records indicate that it was imported from Luxembourg in 1975. Although it’s been reduced to component form, the car is very complete, and was bought by the previous owner to be restored. He gave it to French restorers who started work, but shortly afterwards he took it away and kept it safe in his garage in Grigny in the southern suburbs of Paris, France.


Record breaking Jaguar Cars

The launch of Jaguar’s E-PACE took place on 13 July at London’s ExCel with a VR experience, giving guests a virtual sneak peek of the model before seeing it in metal later in the evening. Guests could rotate the model to view it from all angles and lift away sections of the car to reveal the interior, show the boot capacity and remove the engine for a close-up look. The VR experience culminated in placing the participant between two ramps in the heart of a thrilling car stunt. The 15.3 metre-long jump, complete with a 270-degree barrel roll stunt, was then recreated at the ExCel, setting an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Furthest Barrel Roll in a Production Vehicle.


E-type Club Members’ Photos

Bernd May - photoahrt_130518_SCC_1179_DS_M (max. 1600px)_382902We are always on the lookout for member photos e-types in various situations for the magazine and website.  In the May edition of the E-type magazine Abigail put a request out to club members for magazine cover photos.  We were looking for a ‘different shot’ and as a result we had many images sent to us and all of them were wonderful.  Some of the images will go on the cover, some will be used elsewhere in the magazines and others for marketing material over time.

Please click here to view the member photos that we were sent.

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