North West Inaugural Meet – Cheryl Rankin (Representative)

It was a dry fresh morning and I was really hoping that the weather would hold for the North West inaugural meet at Junction 36 on the M6. We set off in the E-Type feeling rather nervous that people would also chance the weather to meet up and discuss their ideas for the club meets.

We arrived at the Café Ambio at the Rural Auction Centre, on an auction day so the place was packed already, we surprisingly found members of the E-Type club rather quickly. There were 10 of us all together and we quickly settled into getting to know each other and where we had come from and what we drove here in. We had all taken the opportunity to maybe get the cars out for possibly one last time this year and the weather hadn’t disappointed us. Members had come from, Burnley, Blackpool, Preston, Kendal and Barrow – we sat and enjoyed a coffee and chatted about what form we would like to see the club take and I can say I’m not disappointed with the superb ideas put forward. Barrie Bamford and Chris Garside suggested that we do some ‘Tulip Runs’ (and have offered to share the maps that they have), the runs will take place through the Lake District, setting off from an agreed place, stopping for a refreshment break half way through and finishing with lunch or dinner somewhere at the end. The runs will take place in season when the weather can be counted on and we have decided to have 2 dates that are close together so if a weekend is ‘rained’ off we’ll have a second chance within a week or so.

John Barnett and his son, Sam, came with enthusiasm and suggested we try to organise a North West Annual National/ International meet – which is a fab idea, so watch this space for further news on that one.

Derek and Anne have suggested a Lakes Tour as an inaugural drive. Again watch this space as I would like feedback on whether people would be interested in a day tour or a weekend tour. You could either come for the day or do a full weekend – I will, with my trusty aide be looking at hotels and accommodation and secure parking for the cars for those that are interested in the full weekend.

On the agenda to discuss was the Steam Gathering at Flookburgh – we need 6 different E-Types to display for this event on 30th and 31st July 2016. We have 4 cars at the moment, V12 Roadster, Series 1.5 4.2 FHC, Series 1 3.8 OTS and Series 1 4.5 FHC – do you have a model not represented by the cars we have? Would you like to show your car for the weekend? The perks are: a free entry for your car and two people. The chance to show your car and get admiring glances. The prestige of helping us win the best stand in show (well, hopefully – but how could we not with these beauties on show?). I need to know by end of December as the organisers need to know the registration numbers by 1st January 2016 – either email me at or call/ text me on 07792298501 if you would like to take part. You need to be available for the whole weekend regardless of the weather – it’s a big ask I know – but in our experience even if the weather is ‘off’ we generally have a great weekend.

Hello to Anne and Derek Clements our newest members – we are very lucky to have Derek joining us as he is a font of knowledge about E-Types, he has been restoring and rebuilding them for many years as his hobby and is currently working on restoring a Series 1 4.2 FHC which he hopes to have on the road by next year. Derek’s uncle, Claude Baily, was part of the Heynes-Hassan-Baily Jaguar XK and V12 engines design team. Following Claude’s retirement in the 1960’s he moved to Coniston in the Lake District where Derek used to visit him on a regular basis and found him to be a fountain of knowledge on the XK engine and Derek was privileged to see many of his original drawings. And so was born Derek’s lifelong love of Jaguars!

All in all, this was a great first meet and it was lovely to meet and make some new friends, who are as enthusiastic as I am about E-Types and lucky for us the weather was great for us all to enjoy a run out in our cars.


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