Stolen E-types

Author Peter Crespin had two of his E-types stolen from a container at Felixstowe port on June 27. If anyone is offered one of the cars or parts from them, please inform local police, and Peter on

Stolen E-type The SII convertible 1R7977, reg CHJ 341G, is dark blue with red interior and is left-hand drive. It has several unique features such as a wood veneer Series I toggle-switch centre dash, blue moquette backs to the red seats and blue piping to the console and arm rest. It has Lotus rear lights with built in reversing lamps, an XJ6 Series 3 engine with polished finned covers and a Monza-style flip-up oil filler cap. The engine has a dark-blue painted block and military finless sump with the drain plug on the bottom, not side. The car has a Cool Cat alloy radiator and replacement fan, as-new new Dunlop 195/65 tyres (unusually low profile for this car) and rear silencers with slightly odd brackets. The silver hard top has a chrome stick-on strip at the front and a red/white Jaguar lozenge badge. The car also has a five-speed Getrag and XJ6 Series 3 electronic ignition with the amplifier on a special heat sink clamped to the XJ engine bracket holes near the oil filter block. More pictures (albeit of the old interior and wheels etc) on

Stolen E-type The red SI FHC 1E33100 is a LHD rust-free California car (still wearing black California plate ZIE 805) with the inner wheel wells and arches already resprayed dark blue. It is spotless underneath having been iceblasted but is not yet fully painted. It is original dark blue under the bonnet but has a rough red respray. It has two distinctive small dents at the back, one each side of the numberplate, where the overriders have banged into a wall at some time. The body has a pierced rough hole in the B-post shut panel just above the door catch where a rod was used to remove a dent in the left rear wing. It also has a few dents around the bodywork and new carpets but original vinyl. The bonnet has a sharp small dent in the top front of the mouth and no motif bar (see pics). The car contained a new set of red seat covers, foams, red furflex strip, seat back fibres and a set of newly-refurbished SUs.There was a nearly new Halfords battery with new clips. Engine number is 7E8084-9, the body number is 4E24507 and the gearbox number is EJ7118. Full pictures before painting are on

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