Updates from participants of the E-type Club Round Britain Tour


Stages 1 & 2 (Days 1 & 2)

First of all a massive thank you for all your energy and effort in arranging such a fabulous event – all in such a good cause.  We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 legs and wish we could have joined you for more.  Perhaps the Club could do something of this ilk again in the not too distant future; worthy cause, Iconic cars, excellent company, drives through some stunning scenery. Neal and Talitha Brewer

Stages 4 & 5 (Days 4 & 5)

Our colourful E-type journey around Britain.  The Welsh bit.

In the morning at Tenby the weather had not made up its mind, with Opalescent Dark Silver Grey almost Gunmetal clouds in the distance but never Black

As we drove North from Pembroke, looking out West we could see the Opalescent Silver Blue sea, rolling onto Opalescent Golden Sand and Green Sand where the beaches were quite stony.  In places the Old English White surf morphed into Cream as the waves bubbled across the Bronze shore.

Inland to the East the Fern Grey foliage was lit up with Pale Primrose bushes and fronds of Willow Green.

Further inland we discovered beautiful Sherwood Green forests with acres of British Racing Green fields and a backdrop of Sable mountains covered in Heather.

We were well blessed with powerful sunshine, our arms turning a shade of Signal Red, driving under an Azure Blue sky turning towards Turquoise in the north East, and almost Dark Blue at times. 

It was a colourful drive, that day.

Gill & Steve Butler

Stage 4 (Day 4)

The organisation was superb and the accommodation first rate.  The officers and members were so welcoming and friendly.

I just drove stage 4 Bridgwater to Tenby.

… We had a good sing along after Dinner in Bridgwater and Tenby as I just happened to have my Uke with me.  The OLD HAM strikes again.


Stages 6 & 7 – (Days 6 & 7)

‘Hello Louise, thank you for the update. Very well done! What a concept, what an ocean of organisation, what a demonstration of stamina and what a wonderful result!! I am lost in admiration for you both and for the backroom staff. I loved it. What a shakedown for my car, what a wonderful test of my security arrangements… But mostly, I feel privileged to have been a part of this historic event. Thank you to Philip and yourself. ‘ Kind regards, Brian

Stage 6 (Day 6)

Hello Louise,

Thank you for all your and your teams hard work in organising the round Britain run.  We really enjoyed our stage of the event.

Best regards,

Robin & Jane

Stage 11 – (Day 11)

Dear Louise

Yesterday seemed to go very well and we benefited from fabulous weather!

I managed to get to Kylesku for a delicious dinner in the Kylseku Hotel and a very cosy B&B nearby where I met Willie Pelly and my E Type, which he had kindly brought over from Dunbeath.

Thursday morning was cloudless and wonderful after a little overnight rain and after catching up with the “gang” for breakfast at Riconich some 20 miles north – we all set off pretty promptly at 09.00 – ish !

Passing empty white sandy beaches with slow breaking rollers coming ashore with towering hills to ones right and the sun on ones face in an open E Type is about as good as it gets in motoring.

The day passed in a symphony of bliss and even the famous notice sign at John O Groats was empty and awaiting our massing and photo’s!

On to Dunbeath for lunch and a garden and garage tour and away they sped south to Inverness!

Lovely and thanks and I must send a donation cheque too!!!

Best Regards


Stages 15 & 16 (Days 15 & 16)


Thanks for a couple of special days driving around the coast, meeting and chatting to some great people (including you of course!), and getting to grips with taking the dogs with us for the first time.

The stopping off point this afternoon at JD Classics was a real eye-opener for me, topped off by dinner with my brother and his wife.

Thanks for organising it all!

Janet and Dick Wilkinson

Stages 1, 17 & 18 (Days 1, 17 & 18)

Hi Louise
Just a quick note to thank you, Julie and Philip for a well organised Round Britain 🙂  Rebekah and I thoroughly enjoyed the stages we did and we know how difficult it is to set up and run.  We managed to limp WLY home after leaving Port Lympne and will be looking at fixing over the next few weeks.  We will definitely do this type of thing again.

Many thanks again
Andrew and Rebekah Hubbard

Stages 4 to 13 (Days 4 to 13)

Hi Louise

Adrian and I have just arrived home after a wonderful 10 days on the RBCD! It was lovely to meet you. A big thank you to you, Julie, Philip and the team for all your hard work in making this event happen. I see the fundraising is going well and Adrian will let you know the amount we have raised shortly so that you can add this to the total.

Kind regards
Susanne Westgate & Adrian Turner

Stages 1 & 18 (Days 1 & 18)

Hello Julie and Phillip,

A great pleasure to meet you at Port Lympe and thank you for inviting us to join you at your dinner table there.

Congratulations to you both (separate message of thanks sent to Louise) on the event – quite something and, no doubt, the positive repercussions will continue for some time forward.

This was a mammoth challenge for you and bravely confronted – and look at the financial result!!! Fantastic for such an important charity trying to gain as much publicity for its cause.

Hope to bump into you at some point at a watering hole on the Kings Road!!!

Very best wishes and kind regards,

Richard and Suzie George

Stage 15 to 18 (Days 15 to 18)

Dear Louise,

I just wanted to write and thank you and your team for a wonderful experience. My only regret is that we could not do more of the run, given that the car was still in bits the first week. We met so many nice people and the organisation was nothing short of miraculous, given that controlling in excess of 100 E type owners must have been like trying to herd cats. You should all be proud of yourselves.

Kindest regards,


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